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Bible Quiz 3.04

Learn more about the Bible's people and places with this fun game

The Bible is one of the most important books in human history, and an endless source of wisdom. This game allows you to learn more about the people and places appearing in the Bible in a fun and easy way. It has a very straightforward interface where you can write your name and those of your opponents. A particularly interesting feature of this game is the possibility of choosing different difficulty levels for each player. Thus, if you are an adult playing with your kids, you can choose an easy level for them and a harder one for you so that the competition can be fair. Also, you can set the time allowed for answering, as well as the number of tries and rounds. Once you have set the game up, you can start playing by choosing the subject (Psalms, Apostles, Places, and so on) and the amount of points you want to earn if your answer is right. Then, you can click on the subject and a question will appear, along with a clock showing the time left for answering. Once you have chosen your answer, a Bible quote will appear showing the correct answer. Also, some questions have hints available, thus making easier to find the correct answer.
Although the game is aimed mainly to Jehovah's Witnesses, this is not a limitation since other Christian denominations can take advantage of it.

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